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Welcome to Doral’s First Elite Futbol Academy

Miami Cayman’s by La Caimanera is a professional academy of the 21st Century. The game of soccer evolves every day and our academy evolves with it. Our experience and professional coaches explore and utilize new training methods and set new standards in coaching children and young adults. We will use all resources necessary to help your child reach

his or her full potential and become the best soccer player he or she can be. Our Program is designed to do more than just teach the rules of soccer. It is place and people, who will prepare your child to step out into the world as a responsible young adult. Beside soccer skills, we teach children teamwork, problem solving, self-discipline and respect.

Our facilities have unique conditions for the practice of any sports activity, especially soccer. We are pioneers in the practice of indoor sports, no matter the weather conditions, we always train !. Our advanced system of integral training promotes the most complete development of the participants, allows the optimization of physical and mental abilities involving the psychomotor work of the athletes, unfolding in a safe sports

environment, under optimal conditions of temperature, lighting and security. Miami Caymans Academy guarantees the inclusion and participation of all athletes, no matter the level of play with which they start, they will always develop physical and mental skills that will allow them to demonstrate their own sporting potential. Our coaches are prepared and specialized in pedagogy, which guarantees to instill knowledge to any athlete,

for our Academy, all the participants are soccer stars. The training system taught by our renowned coach and player of the national soccer team of Venezuela, Jonathan Rosas, is based on the continuous reinforcement of the athletes. WE ARE UNIQUE WITH 3 TRAINING SESSIONS A WEEK! Do not miss the opportunity to be part of the Miami Caymans Elite Academy!


Age Groups: 15 Months -5 / 6-8 / 9-12 / Boys and Girls
Training Schedule: Monday to Friday / 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm


- Indoor A/C Safe Enviroment
- 3 Start FIFA Approve Blue Turf (the only one in Miami)


Registration Fee $130.00
Monthly Fee: $130.00
Registration include Uniform